Guided By Robert Pollard
Guided By Voices
Original Pressing Propeller Album

In 1992 Guided By Voices released their fifth album "Propeller". The initial vinyl release of 500 (this one is unnumbered) featured album covers that were hand decorated by the band, Pete Jamison, and some of their friends. Many of these albums were given to radio stations as promotion for the band, but, since Guided By Voices was relativly unknown at the time, most of them have been lost and forgotten in the archives of these radio stations. Currently only about 25% of the original Propellers have been found, and most of them are listed and displayed at The Propeller Gallery & The websites. Due to the increasing number of fans who are discovering Guided By Voices, more and more of the original albums are being re-discovered.
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This copy is owned by Jim Marcucci